Frequently Asked Questions

Get details and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about U-Drive. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us—we’d love to help!


What is U-Drive?

It’s our way of helping you save on every gallon of gas you buy at UDF. Just swipe your U-Drive card and earn discounts in the following ways:

Rollbacks: Rollbacks are featured items that, when purchased, earn you money off per gallon of gas. See our current featured rollbacks here.

Market Basket: On top of rollbacks, you can earn 5¢ off per gallon of gas every time you spend $25 in store (a few items that we sell are excluded—see below). The best part? Your $25 total can add up over multiple visits. Register your card to track your progress.

Five & Drive: Buy five of our featured item(s) over any number of visits to receive up to 25¢ off per gallon of gas! Register your card to keep track of your purchases and total savings.



How does it work?

Simply swipe your U-Drive card every time you make a purchase, then register your card to watch the savings add up. When you’re ready to redeem your fuel discount, just swipe the card at the pump or present it to an associate inside.



How do I register my card online?

It’s easy—simply follow the instructions here. After a short period of time, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click or tap the link inside to verify your registration. And that’s all there is to it!



Which products are not eligible for fuel discounts?

Here’s a complete list of products that don’t earn you money off gas: gasoline, cigarettes and tobacco, beer and wine, money orders, prepaid cards, RTA bus tokens and car wash. However, we may choose to feature one of these excluded items as a bonus rollback. Sales tax is also excluded.



Is there a limit to the amount of discounts I can redeem in any single fuel purchase?

You can redeem all of your earned discounts until the retail price of gas reaches 10¢. These discounts are valid up to 25 gallons of gas on one vehicle at a time (because your safety is important to us).



Do my discounts expire?

They expire on the last day of the following month they were earned. For example, if you earned a discount on May 8, you would have until June 30 to redeem it. Looking for an easier way to keep track? Register your U-Drive card and you’ll find all this information on your dashboard.



How do I check my discount balance?

Simply log in to your account to see your available discounts, recent transactions, progress toward Market Basket and more. Don’t have an account yet? Register your card.



How do I get a U-Drive Card?

Simply pick one up from the cashier at any participating UDF location. It’s fast, easy and free!



I lost my U-Drive Card. What do I do?

Call customer service at 1-866-UDrive3 and they’ll freeze your account until you receive a new card. And here’s another reason to register your U-Drive card: if registered, we can locate your account and transfer your balance so you don’t lose out on a cent. Pretty cool, right?



How much does U-Drive cost?

Absolutely nothing! We designed U-Drive to save our most loyal customers money on each and every gallon of gas purchased.



Do I pay more for products in the store to earn the discount?

Never—you pay the same price any customer would at any UDF location. The only difference is, as a U-Drive customer, you’ll also be banking savings per gallon of gas.



Where can I earn and redeem fuel rollback discounts?

You can earn discounts at any participating UDF by swiping your U-Drive card and purchasing featured rollback items. To redeem, use our store finder to filter by locations that have a gas pump and swipe your card before your fill-up.



Can I use my U-Drive Card without registering it?

Yes. But you won’t be able to track your discounts, expiration dates or recent transactions unless you register your card. And if you lose an unregistered card, we won’t be able to transfer your balance to a new one.



Will my personal information be put on a mailing list or shared?

No—your personal information will remain secure and confidential and will only be shared if required by law (details can be found in our Privacy Policy).